Mühlstraße 6 - 67659 Kaiserslautern - kontakt(at)hotel-heymann.de

"Tradition is not keeping the ashes,
but stoking the fire."

First Generation - Heymann

  • 1956: acquisition of the estate Mühlstraße 6 as a bomb-damaged site by Albert Heymann
  • 1957: construction of a three-storeyed commercial building
  • 1967: conversion to Hotel Heymann with 22 rooms a 3 shared showers
  • 31st October 1968: opening of Hotel Heymann by Albert Heymann and his wife Wilhelmine Heymann

Second Generation - Peter Boßert

  • October 1988: Peter Boßert's son takes over the hotel operations.
  • Summer 1989: general refurbishment of the hotel: the room number is reduced to 13, and all rooms have their own bathrooms.
  • Summer 1989: Son Boris - a professional chef - joins the hotel business. Three generations work hand in hand: Wilhelmine Heymann, Peter Boßert and Boris Boßert.

Third Generation - Boris Boßert

  • Spring 2010: renovation of rooms and transfer of hotel operations to Boris Boßert.
  • Spring 2011: the second phase of renovations to the third floor begins and is completed in September 2011.
  • August 2011: the carport gets a new "garment"; artistic works are executed by the French painter Marie Gouil.
  • January 2012: presentation of the German 3-star comfort hotel classification.

Hotel H.E.Y.M.A.N.N. Guestbook

Many of our satisfied guests have left some lines in our guestbook to remember. There are also some creative drawings. The entries of our guests go back to the opening in 1968 and are thus - at least partially - already over 40 years old. You will get more impressions from our hotel on FACEBOOK Hotel HEYMANN.